Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box


In this section, Lxlash will help you know what is Wholesale Mink Eyelashes Box and how to design a professional Customzied Eyelash Packaging .let’s start with the function of the eyelash box.

First, the box serves the purpose as a decoration and they do look very beautiful and worth the cost.

Second, the wholesale mink lashes packaging box can protect the wholesale mink lash pretty well.

Third, you can print the logos and slogans on the box, and add value to the product to increase product sales.

Fourth, the empty lash box can serve a purpose for storing your wholesale mink eyelashes, tools, and accessories. Suitable for professional beauty salons, beauty supply, and day to day usage. We have a promotion now. The price is very favorable.

It’s always base on the material we have, mainly, our eyelash box can be divided into six types: cardboard, magnetic eyelash box, Paper eyelash box, Acrylic eyelash box.

First, the Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box made of acrylic material has been carefully polished, therefore possess a smooth surface, high transparency, and good hand touch feeling.

Second, it has a strong resistance to pressure and strong durability.

Third, these textured boxes are environmentally friendly, they can be recycled and serve another useful purpose. After the lifespan of your wholesale mink eyelashes ran out, you can just put small ornaments or small objects in these empty lash boxes to show off.

There are mainly six types of eyelash boxes, depending on the shape, they can be divided into six types: Round eyelash box, Square eyelash box, Diamond-shaped eyelash box, Rectangular eyelash box. The rectangular wholesale mink eyelash box is a classic bestseller.

Base on how to open the wholesale packaging boxes, these mink eyelash packaging boxes can be divided into three types: clamshell-type eyelash box, by using the clamshell way, the eyelash box is divided into a front cover and no front cover, tilt-up box, and dredge-up box, drawer eyelash box, bi-parting type wholesale mink eyelash packaging box.

There are two types of customized mink eyelash boxes depending on their materials: printing paper can be printed directly, and then covered with matt lamination. Special paper can only be ironed. Depending on the usage of a special paper, the wholesale mink packaging box can be divided into a tinfoil eyelash box, a Holographic eyelash box, a glitter eyelash packaging box, marble eyelash box. There’re the four kinds of wholesale mink packaging box you can print your very own logos on. Normally, generic eyelash boxes don’t have logos, but you can choose to paste your own logos on their surface. Stickers are divided into the normal type and transparent self-adhesive tape. The transparent self-adhesive tape cannot be printed in white characters.

For you being able to print labels on the wholesale mink eyelash packaging boxes, the following are the solution for you to choose from: Paste stickers, print the logos directly on the surface of the box; Hot stamping, you’ll be able to choose any color you like, but hot stamping does not support gradients, can only be printed. Also, we could craft the wholesale mink lash packaging boxes base on your idea.


Customize 30 eyelash packaging boxes privately? Are you kidding me? No wholesale packaging box factory would accept such a small order! If it has to be done, the minimum order is 100 and the construction period would be 15 days. That’s 2 years ago, that's the direct answer from the consultation of the designer at the wholesale mink eyelashes packaging box factory. Now, thanks to the Lxlash, eyelashes vendors, things changed.


Professionalism is very important. Every customer wants to get the perfect consultation answers from their wholesale mink eyelashes vendors. When you feel that you’re professional, congratulations, your mink eyelashes business will be booming, because, in the process of answering customer inquiries, you’re providing customers with good solutions and proof yourself trust worth. Therefore, with the solution and the trust, there’ll be a massive order! So, how do you make yourself seem more professional?

The standard answer is to learn from professionals, for example, learn from wholesale eyelash vendors, Lxlash eyelashes, www.Lxlashlashes.com is its professional, independent wholesale mink eyelash website, you can learn from it, absorb the internal knowledge and transform it into your own. If You can browse the website frequently enough, your accumulation for wholesale mink eyelash knowledge will be greatly improved, and you will be able to handle any kind of inquiries from your customers!

Professionalism will be reflected first in how is it takes product pictures. Wholesale natural mink eyelashes should be clear and very simple, all familiar things should be around to use as reference objects. Such eyelashes would look very refreshing, and the reference object can show the length of the wholesale mink eyelashes. Those natural and wide eyelashes lovers can fully understand which type of eyelashes would be their favorite. For fluffy eyelashes, you need to choose a very unique angle to capture the three-dimensional effect of that fluffy eyelashes. For Wholesale Dramatic Eyelashes, you need to show the thick and intersecting features of them. These things must be carefully considered, take more shots, and experiment as many times as you could. With these good results, when you make a pre-sale, customers can match your wholesale mink eyelashes with a great photo and place an order while just staring at them. This’s one of the professional charms, don't you think?

Professionalism will also be reflected in how you base on different eye shapes and giving the correct advice on the perfect fit eyelashes! We know that prototype eyelashes are suitable for customers with large eyes, while winged eyelashes are suitable for longer eyes. For example, you should recommend wholesale natural mink eyelashes whose skin color is white or yellow, and for African-Americans, you should recommend them with long eyelashes. Do you know that a career also shows that you can lead fashion? Did you know pink box with a dollar pattern on it is very popular now? Do you know why boxes with butterfly patterns on them are popular for a long period of time? Well, that’s because butterflies fly free and give people a sense of feeling free! This is fashion. Beauty always follows fashion. Fashionable products are always the easiest to promote!

All of these can be answered on the Lxlash Lashes website. Browse that website and see for yourself, make yourself a professional, then become an expert. If you’re well reserved, your eyelash business will be booming.







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