25mm Mink Lashes Bulk

  • Style: We Have More Than 200 Styles Now, We Custom Design Also
  • Material: The Softest & Finest Naturally Shed Mink Hairs
  • Length: 3D 5D 25MM Best Magnetic Mink 18-25MM
  • MOQ: For Wholesale 20 Pairs For Each Of Style
  • OEM: Yes
  • Packaging: Original Packaging is lashes + tray. Diamond boxes is the most popular
  • Delivery Time: 1-4 Weeks, Depend On Your Order Quantity
  • Payment Method: Bank Wires(T/T), Money Gram, Western Union & Paypal

PRODUCT Description

Which Is The Latest 25MM Wholesale Mink Eyelashes?

5D mink eyelashes wholesale are the new lashes from the tail of 2018 and bulk manufacturing in 2019. The wholesale 5D mink lashes are far more fluffer than wholesale 3D mink lashes, and the most essential thing is, the wholesale 5D mink lash can make into 25mm length, no just constrained to 16mm length as the 3D mink lashes. We can even do 30mm in length, to create the massive blink eyes looking.

Lxlashes is a professional Mink Lash Vendors (3D Mink Eyelash Vendors) and Custom Eyelash Packaging manufacturer, established in 2005, primarily engaged in the wholesale mink eyelashes industry of Mink Lashes to the United States and different nations in the world. We have a professional design group accountable for designing eyelash styles and Customized Eyelash boxes.

As the first-rate 3D mink lash vendors, our eyelashes are frequently launched with new styles. Recently, we have launched numerous unique curled eyelash styles. Many new and old customers noticed the new eyelashes launched on our social platform and very much liked them.

Since the old clients recognize our quality, they even came back with these images and asked me for new models. The determine can see the degree of curling, why the previous clients constantly replied, but also because our eyelash styles lead the trend, the quality is guaranteed, and the curls are comfortable to wear.

How To Choose Your First Mink Lashes Vendor?

As you know, it’s very necessary to pick your first mink lash supplier when you want to start your lash business.

The wholesale mink lash supplier should be able to produce lashes and customized packaging boxes for you and offer you a competitive wholesale price.

What is essential is that you distinguish them with your eye and brain.

So that would not be an easy element to select your suitable and loyal mink lashes supplier. You have to be careful about the following things when you construct your new brand.

A. Never start with bulk orders, when you simply just a beginner.

B. Don’t order a lot of your customized packaging box the first time.

Because you have no concept about the hot fashion field and lashes, and you want time to take a look at the market first and then get in touch with your clients and share your thoughts about your lashes and let them begin to understand what you can do and how to make the order.

C. Never leave out the sample order, and never trust the sample. Why?

Because many wholesale eyelash suppliers provide you the higher quality samples and when you make the bulk order, they change the quality, which would cause lots of damage to you.

D. Different merchandise different prices, and different prices different lashes.

Never believe in good lashes at a cheap price. If the one informed you they are of first-class quality with little money, you should think for a minute before you make that order.

More and more customers find Lxlashes and informed us they met with these trouble things in their wholesale 3D mink lashes manufacturing unit line daily.

So be cautious to pick your mink lashes suppliers.

Anything about the wholesale mink lashes and customized packaging box, simply just let me know. We will assist you to make the right choice at an ideal competitive price.






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