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Nowadays, the problem with customers who wholesale mink lashes are that the quality of large quantities of goods and samples is seriously unstable. Give customers a good sample while the quality of large goods is uneven. The delivery period is unstable. When customers publicize the mink eyelashes after the guaranteed delivery date. But the delivery cannot be delivered on time and the customer's profit is lost.

Without the ability to update, the customer’s feelings about the style are always lagging, losing a lot of opportunities to make money in the market, if you don’t update the eyelashes style in time. Once the new product appears in the market, your customer will soon be lost and turn to the others who have new products. The low-quality products don’t have innovative styles. They just make the lowest quality and pull the price down to compete.

Now that e-commerce is so popular, everyone knows what is the good products and which one is the bad one. The products that really make money are always high-quality products.

Beauty is the pursuit of consumers after satisfying their living standards. Beauty is the ultimate. What else does it paint if the beauty is not the ultimate, the unnatural, and the imperfect? Isn’t it better to not make up? This is the current deviation between wholesale mink lash vendors and consumers, which is the source of your losing your customers.

Consumers looking for good quality eyelashes are not afraid of spending money. What they really want is high quality good. The middlemen only know about ‘low prices good sales number’, so that low prices with low quality will eventually collapse!

Dear customers, do you understand? There is a bias between the consumer and the middleman philosophy. The higher consumption consumers have, the bigger difference middlemen cannot keep up with.

When consumers say that the price is high, what the middlemen do is really think that the price is wrong. In fact, consumers are willing to buy good beauty products.

The problem of eyelashes, especially wholesale mink eyelashes, is particularly serious, and the perception of the consumer and the middleman is biased.

If you are doing low-cos and low-quality eyelashes, you don’t have to do anything else all day long. The only thing you need to do is to set up a department to deal with goods returns and product quality complaints. Then it costs you a lot more.

Given the expenditure of time, I suggest that you set up a department to handle complaints. You are troubled by these problems every day. You will have no worries if you choose the right vendor. Focus on the sales and you will achieve your goal. To overthrow the logic of the customer. It is not necessary to negotiate with your customers, because the customer will consider it if our logic is correct.


Most people prefer to start a 3D mink lashes business line but have no idea how to negotiate with the Mink Lashes Factory. Today, LXLASHES will show you the details about how to negotiate with your Mink Eyelashes Vendor, we will help you make the right order with a reasonable budget.

a. Show order to your mink lashes vendor

You need to inform your mink lashes vendor what you prefer to order, and they will exhibit you the correct mink lashes catalog, and you can select the style you prefer to order. And then you need to inform the mink lashes seller what quantity you prefer to order, and they will check the wholesale charge for you.

b. show your budget.

Just tell your 3D false eyelash manufacturers your budget and your order, and they will take a look at the fee for you, and inform you how many styles you can order and how many styles you can get.

c. How to save your money.

You have two methods to save your money.

First, you can add quantity to earn a lower charge.

And if you order lashes, you can order boxes together, and you can ask for a good wholesale charge from your mink lashes vendor. And they would love to reduce the charge to make a good order for you. The more you order, the lower charge you will get.

Second, order fewer lashes.

You have to give up the bulk orders if you have a lower budget. And you should just start your lashes business first, and then test the market. And then you make all the money you have invested in then you get your profits back. And then you can attempt to make a bigger order.

Third, use free eyelash packaging instead of customized eyelash packaging.

Most people would like to buy more lashes instead of the eyelash packaging. So if you prefer to buy more 3D Mink Lashes, you can ask for a Free Eyelash Packaging Box with your private label logo on them. So just feel free to ask your mink lashes vendor to make a reasonable price.


1. Do they have product certification?

2. Is there any related social media accounts for you to take a look at?

3. Does the wholesale eyelash vendor have a blog/website for you to take a look at the relevant and exciting information?

4. Does the wholesale lash vendor know what they’re talking about?

5. Is it handy for you to find out more information about the wholesale eyelash vendor? Like, are their contact information hard to find?


Ladies, these have been our guidelines on discovering these high-quality wholesale mink lashes and the wholesale lashes vendor you deserve. But, this is some distance from the end of the road when it comes to your lashing education.

Here at The Lxlash, not only can you get products tested and approved by our own lash industry bosses, however, these identical experts can exhibit you how to start lashing too!

Through our comprehensive tips, you can get behind the scenes at The Lxlash and learn lashing tricks from the best.

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So, ladies, what are you waiting for? Join your lash loving sisters and jump right into the world of lashes business today!







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