What are mink lashes?

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With all of the distinctive kinds of lashes available, it can turn out to be confusing when trying to narrow down on the variations and which one is right for whom.

Just what are mink lashes anyway? What is the difference between synthetic mink eyelashes and real fur mink eyelashes?

Mink lash extensions are the most popular lash types in the lash industry today, and we are here to help you recognize what they truly are.

In this article, we will answer some of the most often asked questions: 

What are mink lashes made of?

Are mink lashes made from the fur of an alive animal mink? 

What are real mink lashes? 

How about cashmere, sable, and velvet lashes?

Mink lashes vs flat lashes

What are mink lashes made of?

The term 'mink lash' refers to eyelash extensions made with an artificial fabric referred to as PBT.

This fabric is a plastic substance that has great shape memory, does not deform for a long time after processing, and has great heat and chemical resistance.

PBT is used not only in eyelash extensions but in some frequent family gadgets such as toothbrushes!

Meir Lashes are all made of top quality Chinese PBT. By the usage of the fantastic first-class Chinese-made PBT fiber, we make sure our lashes are soft, lush, and flexible.


Are mink lashes made from the fur of an alive animal mink?

“Where do mink lashes come from”?

Not surprisingly, one of the most common questions we receive about mink lashes is where they come from. The word 'mink' tends to confuse many artists and lash clients, and many of them have a tendency to trust that the lashes are made of animal hair.

Now, we are here to close this argument once and for all! Generally, mink lashes are only referred to as that due to the fact their texture is as soft as the animal mink hair.

So yes, mink lashes are vegan and cruelty-free, and they have nothing to do with the animal mink.

Some manufacturers will even name it faux mink to stop confusion.


What are real mink lashes?

Of course, there do additionally exist mink lash extensions made from real mink fur, like Meir Lashes Real Mink Eyelashes.

Real mink lashes furnish a light, soft, fluffy, and, eventually greater natural look, carefully matching natural human lashes.

They’re not for everyone, however real mink lashes are first-class for customers who are looking for a highly natural look. Real mink lashes generally remaining longer due to the fact they are so light. The downside to this type of extension is that they are expensive.


Silk vs mink lashes

Silk and mink lashes are essentially made of the identical material, synthetic PBT. The fundamental difference between the two is not in their material, but in their shape, finish, and weight.

Silk lashes have a longer taper, which means the major body of the lash seems thinner than mink lashes. If you examine silk and mink lashes of equal thickness, you’ll be aware silk lashes appear lighter and softer and end result in an extra natural look.

To make it extra natural, some lash suppliers additionally add semi or entirely matte finishing on silk lashes. However, this is no longer the major characteristic that defines silk lashes but greater of a satisfactory add-on feature.

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How about cashmere, sable, and velvet lashes?

First of all, whether or not they’re referred to as mink, silk, cashmere, sable, or velvet, they are ALL made of synthetic PBT, not from natural substances (except for merchandise that is simply targeted as the usage of animal hair, like real mink lashes).

Once again, these names are used by exceptional manufacturers to differentiate between how tender and lush their textures are. They have no correlation to the natural fabric itself.

For the identical PBT mink eyelash extensions, some lash manufacturers would name it mink while others would name it royal sable. The same goes for flat eyelash extensions. Some manufacturers may name it cashmere lash, while others name it ellipse lash.

Because many lash manufacturers name identical products with different names, we highly advise you to examine the product description with care before buying a new kind of eyelash extension.

It should be what you already have however simply in a unique name!

Mink lashes vs flat lashes

Both mink and flat lashes are made from the identical material, artificial PBT. The difference between these two kinds of lash extensions is in their structure and weight.

Mink lashes have a round structure whereas flat lashes have a flatter, inverted oval shape. This flat structure allows the lash extensions to without a doubt match in with natural lashes, which allows for longer retention than mink lashes.

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However, due to the fact of their flat (square-ish) shape, flat lashes are not perfect for quantity lash extension. Flat lashes are only used for traditional lash extensions or for hybrid fashion extensions.


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